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Who is Rube Goldberg and how do you build a Rube Goldberg Machine?

Check out my winning Rube Goldberg contest entries! I won First Prize at a local museum competition in 1998. You'll like the picture and the project info. It's cool! And now (drumroll, please) the 1999 contest. With outstanding pictures and descriptions of the winning machines!

Learn about the wacky "inventions", contests, student projects, machines, videos and toys of Rube Goldberg! Plus...Nickelodeon's recent involvement with Rube Goldberg Incorporated.

Project Tips! You must be here because you have a project due. My email and guestbook are overflowing with requests for help. That doesn't mean you'll get it. Don't panic, just click HERE!

Teachers and Students! To learn about the history of Rube Goldberg, see his fantastic cartoons, plus find out about the exciting Rube Goldberg Invention Convention being organized, go to the Mechanical Invention Workshop. Check out their helpful teacher and student guidelines. (P.S. My mom created that site, too.)

The 2003 National Rube Goldberg Machine Contest® was held on April 12, 2003 in the Elliott Hall of Music on the campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana at 11:00am. The task for the 2003 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest® was to crush a can, and put it in the recycling bin in twenty or more steps. Sounds like fun! Check back here later for the exciting results!

The purpose of the 1999 National Rube Goldberg Contest at Purdue University was to "set a golf tee and tee up a golf ball" in twenty or more steps. The Purdue University team won with a "sports theme" machine of 54 steps that took 1,400 hours to build (and you thought your project was tough)! Go to the link for a picture of their machine and a list of all the steps.

Wondering who won the 1998 National Rube Goldberg Contest at Purdue University? This is the winner's page, including a (big) news video you can download and watch! U. of Texas are National 1998 Winners. Also, read the press release from Purdue University, detailing the winner's machines steps, along with info on the other contestents: Purdue Press Release.

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Here is a brand new page on Kinetic Art! It's all about marvelous, mechanical, moving machines! Is it art? Is it "Rube Goldberg"? You decide. You'll be glad you looked!

Some of the best places on robots, machines, and how things work. Great projects for kids!

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